Programs designed to transform lives and communities out of poverty

HOPE Sri Lanka programs focus on delivering quality education to unfortunate children and young adults, improving livelihood in the communities and fostering community development through capacity building.


Laying the foundation for community transformation through Education

Together with the community, we have designed programs that provide improved delivery of quality education and technical skills to vulnerable children and young people in the rural hard to reach areas.

Community Based Vocational Skills Training

HOPE Sri Lanka aims at helping disadvantaged youth to attain life and vocational or occupational skills that help them become self-reliant, financially independent people who create their own sustainable income.


Empowering youth to become self-reliant

The number of young people in Sri Lanka who have missed the opportunity of primary and secondary school is at 6 million.


Many of such live without having acquired relevant skills such as literacy and numeracy, communication and critical thinking needed for the workplace.


HOPE Sri Lanka community based vocational skills program is anchored on a mentorship model where young people are not only mentored in technical skills but also business, customer relations, and problem-solving skills as they undergo vocational skills training by one of the senior locals in different trades in their communities.


Learners are attached to competent local artisans and are equipped with occupational skills in areas like carpentry, metal fabrication and welding, bricklaying and concrete practice, tailoring, catering, bakery, hairdressing, motor vehicle mechanics, soap making, knitting and weaving as well as agriculturally based value addition skills.  The aim is to rebate the high unemployment rate among youth in rural hard to reach areas of Sri Lanka.


Early Childhood Development provides a strong foundation in the life of children and prepares them for transition into primary education. This is integrated with economic empowerment of the parents and guardians to ensure sustainability in educating the children.


Every child deserves a head start in life

In the rural hard to reach areas, several challenges limit children from achieving their full potential. These include; poor living conditions, crowded classrooms, no basic hygiene and many others


Through Community Based Education initiative, we seek to address these so that these vulnerable children can also access quality education.


Early Childhood Development focuses on children, mainly from 3 years of age. It includes organized, inclusive and child friendly learning activities like informative games, outdoor art projects that constitute not less than 30% of the overall program of care.


Through our local partners, we work with local governments and education department to have Early Childhood Learning Centers(ECLC) established in the communities, mostly by attachment to the existing public primary schools


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