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We advocate and work for a pragmatic people’s order that implores the values of Democracy and accountability. We seek to build the voices of the grassroots where people themselves play the key role in lobbying for their needs. Together with the people we have pressed the local governments to listen to the growing agitations and aspirations of the affected communities ensuring that the obligations are fulfilled based on the PEOPLE’S CHARTER.


We play a vital role in making local governments and aid agencies accountable to the communities they serve. HOPE Sri Lanka along with likeminded Civil society organizations is embarked on its flagship advocacy platform called SRI LANKA ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERSHIPS through which we will lobby to hold the state, aid and development agencies accountable for the people they serve and practice extensive transparency in their transactions.


With pragmatism and passion we will continue to forge progress by:

  1. Promoting community access and use of enabling information and communications technology, to ensure aid is effectively and results oriented.

  2. Work with governments and relevant authorities in Sri Lanka to adopt and strengthen accountable and responsive policies, enforceable legislation that promotes the practice of pragmatic democracy.

  3. Promote rule of law at the national levels and ensure equal access to justice, Ensure responsive civil engagement and fare representative of all in decision-making at all levels.

  4. Ensure local citizens access to information and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements and fight corruption.

  5. Lobby with the International aid agencies and governments to ensure that foreign aid is used to achieve its goals.