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A community’s health can be threatened suddenly-by disease or disruption – or little by little, as access and services fall away.

HOPE Sri Lanka teams with communities to provide healthcare when, where and to whom it’s needed. Our field teams operate clinics and train community health workers who deliver services to the men, women and children who need them most.

Through primary healthcare services, nutrition education, and disease awareness and prevention programs, HOPE Sri Lanka offers vulnerable communities the tools to reduce serious illness and improve well being.

HOPE Sri Lanka programs empower communities to:

  • Launch disease prevention campaigns
  • Treat and prevent malnutrition
  • Educate families about health and nutrition
  • Provide maternal care (pre-natal, delivery and post-natal)
  • Offer sexual and reproductive health services
  • Train health care workers
  • Deliver acute care treatment, primary health care, and hospital treatment services
  • Train veterinarians and medical staff to recognize and prevent diseases spread by livestock