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HOPE Sri Lanka seeks to provide the most vulnerable communities with the means to create lives of dignity, equality and sustainability, towards a more just Sri Lanka.
HOPE Sri Lanka believes that the best way to approach community development is to partner with local experts, international NGOs, and grassroots organizations, and to leverage our community’s resources to ensure maximum impact. Our projects are initiated by our local partners who understand the challenges and opportunities of the particular context in which they live and work.


Since 1999, HOPE Sri Lanka has implemented relief and development projects across civil conflict and disaster in North and Eastern Province and island wide in Sri Lanka.


We do things our way - The HOPE Sri Lanka Way. That means empowering communities to find and implement the solutions that work best for them.  We build four elements into every project:



At HOPE Sri Lanka, beneficiaries are not recipients of aid. They are participants in their own solutions. We engage local communities at the program design stage, because programs designed, built and judged by the community they serve are more likely to succeed. And to last.



HOPE Sri Lanka designs projects to cover more than just once slice of life. Because lives are complicated. Education boosts health. Better health improves livelihoods. Stronger livelihoods let families invest in education. Integrated solutions serve people living in the real world.



We partner with communities, governments and leading international organizations. These relationships let us harness complementary expertise and networks to ensure that each community gets the best solutions available.



People are powerful when they are heard. By engaging communities in project design and execution, Relief International fosters skills such as transparency, accountability and open public debate — the cornerstones of effective civil society. And a strong civil society supports good governance, the critical force behind long-term development and stability.