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In our steadfast hope to fight poverty and injustice we care for thousands of children and women those who don’t have the access to safer water and sanitation facilities. Water scarcity in the dry regions of Sri Lanka has left thousands of families vulnerable to severe hot conditions and diseases. Lack of sanitation facilities in the rural outskirts has made Girl children and women socially vulnerable.


We are deeply concerned about the trend of food insecurity in many rural areas due to shortage of water to agricultural purposes and the dilapidated infrastructure facilities that impedes local farmers to cultivate their grain lands.


During the last 5 years we have supported nearly 3000 farmer families with provisions for rural water supply facilities and 300 women headed families with sanitation infrastructure facilities.


For the next 5 years we will focus on supporting communities with 1000 sanitation units, 500 drinking water wells and 100 Agro wells for rural cultivation.