Fighting poverty

We strongly believe that social injustice is the root cause for poverty and chaos in the rural regions of Sri Lanka, where communities have very limited access to financial and physical resources. We understand that the expanded rural natural resources have been neglected and kept in extreme isolation in development planning and the rural communities do not have the opportunity to practice their franchise in using them for sustainable well-being.


For millions of children and their families around the sri Lanka, missing out on an education is one of the most devastating effects of poverty. It quickly becomes a cycle – those whose families are poor miss out, and in turn, they have fewer opportunities to earn an income later in life.


Across poor villages and in urban settlements, preventable illnesses and disability are a major cause of suffering, a drain on family finances, and a barrier to building a more secure life. When these are avoided, families can focus on other pursuits such as education and income generation. In this way, HOPE Sri Lanka’s programs that focus on health are the stepping stone to community wellbeing.

Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water and sanitation is possibly the most urgent health crisis facing communities today. One in every nine people on this planet lack daily access to safe water, and one in every three have no toilet.

Livelihood Development

HOPE Sri Lanka livelihood development programs aim at improving the standards of living of the rural and urban poor to enable them live an empowered and dignified life. We empower communities to create sustainable livelihoods through formation of community owned and led groups. In these groups among other skills, we foster financial literacy so that the poor can make informed decisions regarding their saving, investment and spending patterns.

Community Building

When communities are strengthened to make the most of their own resources, manage their own development path, and include those who are most vulnerable, they can resist injustice and thrive for the future.”

Emergency Response

Building on over 15 years of experience in the field of emergency response, HOPE Sri Lanka’s Core Deployment Team of   well-trained emergency support staff are on stand by and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice in times of emergency. Moreover, our sustained presence in North, East and island wide of Sri Lanka ensures an expedited and efficient response to emerging needs, in the wake of any calamity. The team also builds overall disaster response capacity by training local NGOs..


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