Building on over 15 years of experience in the field of emergency response, HOPE Sri Lanka’s Core Deployment Team of   well-trained emergency support staff are on stand by and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice in times of emergency. Moreover, our sustained presence in North, East and island wide of Sri Lanka ensures an expedited and efficient response to emerging needs, in the wake of any calamity. The team also builds overall disaster response capacity by training local NGOs in disaster prone regions in order to better equip and prepare them for disaster response. All Emergency staff have access to:


  • An emergency fund set aside for immediate disaster response.
  • Emergency response kits and manuals.
  • Store & warehouse supplies.
  • Network of contacts and field activities
  • Supporting organizations in north, east and island wide of Sri Lanka to facilitate delivery.


HOPE Sri Lanka saves and preserves life during emergencies and in their immediate aftermath, providing aid to relieve suffering in cases of major loss of life, material damage and social, physical and psychological affliction caused by both natural and man-made disasters including earthquakes, droughts, wars and conflicts.


HOPE Sri Lanka undertakes short-term rehabilitation and reconstruction, working closely with in local structures and in cooperation with people from the local level to ensure that relief reaches those most in need without delay. After the immediate emergency, HOPE Sri Lanka seeks to improve the living standards of that in need through long-term development programs, helping the people affected by conflict areas at least a basic level of self-sufficiency


HOPE Sri Lanka

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