We strongly believe that social injustice is the root cause for poverty and chaos in the rural regions of Sri Lanka, where communities have very limited access to financial and physical resources. We understand that the expanded rural natural resources have been neglected and kept in extreme isolation in development planning and the rural communities do not have the opportunity to practice their franchise in using them for sustainable well-being.


Therefore, we advocate for pragmatic citizen’s participation in using the expanded wealth and resources, trickle-up issues affecting the rural community with the state and non-state development practitioners opening the gate way to the rural communities to extensively use the potential resources around them.


As part our approach to tackle rural poverty we engage the communities


  • Promotion of local innovations and initiatives promoting self-reliance to challenge the brunt of poverty in all its dimensions according to national and International standards
  • Lobbying and advocacy for equal rights to economic resources as well as access to basic services for under privileged communities, ownership and control over land and other forms of property, inheritance, natural resources, appropriate new technology and financial services, including pro poor microfinance.
  • Working with community led entrepreneurships and the development of rural economic zones
  • Inspire communal equal access to affordable and quality technical, vocational education and economic literacy.
  • Introduction and expansion of Climate-resiliency livelihoods and development of approaches for community-led disaster mitigation.



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