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Who we are

HOPE Sri Lanka - The benchmark of existence.

Together we kept the lifeline open to thousands.


HOPE Sri Lanka is an organized social entity established in the year 1999 to work with the communities that has experienced the chaos and pain of a prolonged civil unrest that has wrecked the entire region resulting in massive human misery due to poverty and social injustice.

We witnessed the enormous suffering of the people in the cluttered corners of the most terrorized landscapes in Sri Lanka, leaving thousands of children, women and the whole community in the hands of extreme vulnerability.

The HOPE Sri Lanka team blended with its hands on experience and expertise, working with the most disadvantaged vulnerable communities, were able to access the grassroots, witness the sufferings & amplify them to the outer circles and we are proud to be ONE of the regions most reputed organizations fighting poverty and social injustice.

Connecting and bringing communities to a common platform where people themselves are the vital RIGHT HOLDERS in the decisions that affect them and empowering communities through OUR STRATEGIC FLAGSHIP initiatives we have given the courage to the most excluded and vulnerable communities to stand together with our steadfast mission GIVING HOPE TO THE VULNERABLE.

After 2 decades of committed partnership with the communities and civil society organizations responding to the Human appeal from the grassroots, we stand as a team with the excluded people to witness the change.